Older People Feel The Pandemic Effect: Impact On Mental Health

Human beings always crave social life, meet other people, talk to them, and visit different places and explore new things. More so, when you get older, seeking companionship is more important during the twilight years. Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, social life restriction has affected toddlers and old age people in particular very badly.

Old-age loneliness, which was a global problem, has increased, as the report says. The older people, free from family and social responsibilities, already feel dejection. They try to seek social connectivity and love from family and dear ones. Due to digitalization though people now meet and talk through online, it has not replaced the effect of face-to-face interaction.

How It Was Brought To Notice

Several studies conducted in Canada regarding the effect of lockdown due to pandemics on older people, were included in research papers. When people were surveyed, they found that virtual contact through phone calls and video calls has not helped older people forego their loneliness. The mental health condition has also not improved for some people, but the success rate wasn’t satisfactory. Even though many youngsters felt the importance of connecting more often with their aged parents, there was no physical contact. The study also revealed that face-to-face contact and real-time meetings with people have been beneficial for mental well-being.

The report from the research conducted in the US and UK before and during pandemic has shown an increase in the number of people who battle loneliness and anxiety. It also says that the people who felt lonely and isolated made more frequent virtual contacts than others. People who needed regular visits to the hospital for various reasons feel scared about their future despite the fact that a home visit by a professional is provided. The reports also mentioned that though virtual contact was related to loneliness, it is not the main cause and the results might be from different places at different contexts.

Why It Needs Further Evaluation

Several other reports, regarding these virtual meets, of mixed results, like some people, turned to a digital platform to keep in touch with friends and family more happily. In contrast, some people felt more insecure about not living with loved ones in person and while some other people experienced more burdened to use digital devices. Suggestions were also made to the people who feel stressed to make them comfortable and relaxed in using the new technology.

Some Of The Solutions

There were also suggestions like a virtual assessment of the patients through zoom meeting or other types of digital contact by the health professionals, food and medicine deliveries to the home for the needy person etc. Older people should also be prepared to face aging factors and future crises like pandemics, so they must be prepared to know about future digital technology and use them regularly.

At the outset, the study suggested the virtual contacts can play a vital role in supporting face-to-face contact and sometimes as a replacement for it.

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