Cleanroom Technology

The New Cleanroom Technology

Utilizing scientific achievements to manifest cleanliness and sustainability and environmental safety are certain needs of the hour.

The concept of cleanroom technology is catching up with industries and enterprises, so much so, that the cleanroom technology market, today, is worth more than 4 billion dollars.

It is also estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% during its forecast period from now until the end of 2027. Technologically enhanced systems such as the unidirectional airflow system, reduction in expenses and time, and customisation as well as commercialization of the cleanrooms are some of the major factors behind boosting up the CAGR and the profits generated by the cleanroom technology market in the upcoming years.

This cleanroom technology market is one of the few markets whose demand has gone up high post the outbreak of the pandemic crisis. This is because the pandemic has generated demand and the necessity of a contamination-free surrounding.

The cleanroom technology market is basically dependent on a technology that constructs rooms free from airborne particles, by maintaining the temperature, pressure and humidity of the room.  However, these necessities in a cleanroom technology market raise the initial investment and maintenance costing which is one of the primary threats to the growth of the market. Customization of modular cleanrooms is another challenge towards the cleanroom technology market. However, the drivers behind this market are still quite high, more so with the pandemic outbreak, which is why the cleanroom technology market is all set to reach more than 7 billion dollars’ worth of market value by the end of its forecast period.

Stringent regulatory system, increasing demands for sterilized spaces, such as pharmaceutical formulations, rapidly rising demand for medical devices, growth of the other technologies in the biologics sector, etc are the most important driving forces in the growth of this cleanroom technology market.

The NSQHS (National Safety and Quality Health Standards) and the ISO checks have made it more important to have energy efficient cleanrooms. The increasing demand for cleanrooms in developing economies also provides room for the growth of the cleanroom technology market.

Some key names in the cleanroom technology market include Clean Air Products, Abtech, KCWW, DuPont, Clean Room Depot Inc, Integrated Clean Room Technologies and so on.

The market segmentation of the cleanroom technology market is based on a number of factors such as product type, end-use, etc. Based on products, the cleanroom technology market is segmented into equipment (laminar airflow unit, cleanroom air filters, etc.) and consumables (gloves, disinfectants, etc.). The consumables have so far dominated the cleanroom technology market, accounting for over 54% of the total revenues generated. Depending on end-use, the cleanroom technology market can be divided into the pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology, and hospitals. The pharmaceutical industry accounted for 40% of the shares while the biotechnology industry witnessed the fastest growth rate.

Looking at a regional analysis, North America has dominated the cleanroom technology market by holding the largest 35% of its total shares. The Asia Pacific is another region with a high CAGR of the cleanroom technology market. Thus, the cleanroom technology market is sure to attract investors in the coming years.

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