idea of the tesla bot

Idea of the Tesla Bot

Technology in our world contributes to making the “impossible” become possible. For instance, who would have even dared to imagine that a “Tesla Bot” would be devised for prosaic tasks in a post globalized world? But since Tesla’s announcement of this Tesla Bot last week, it is clear that technology works in ways to manifest such rare imaginations and dreams in reality.

Today, a recent report depicts that AI or artificial intelligence-based productivity ranges from about 11-37% across the different nations.

Presently, the name which sparks out in the minds of people when they envision humongous technological advancements is of Tesla, and its founder, Elon Musk. Ranging from the invention of the electric jet, founding PayPal and now, SpaceX, Musk is currently the second richest person in the world owing to the technological developments Tesla has successfully managed to bring about. He is also the self-proclaimed “Techno King”, and almost daily there is something about him in the recent technology news. Presently, the buzz about Tesla is about the development of a humanoid robot or the “Tesla Bot” which Musk wants to launch into our world, for performing the grim everyday tasks, such as grocery shopping.

The first and foremost thing in the minds of the people about this “Tesla Bot” is perhaps sheer disbelief. Although research says that robotics and AI are here to stay, Tesla, driven by Musk, as the consensus thinks, has a habit of making big and bold promises. Musk has asserted that their Tesla Bot even would have human-like features such as a height of 5feet 8 inches, a weight of around 125 pounds, etc.

The company has also affirmed that their Tesla Bot is going to be a part or even the beginning of its much broader automation plans in the upcoming years.

This concept of the robot was presented last week, at the company’s Fremont plant where it was called “Optimus” or the “Tesla Bot”. The Tesla Bot is expected to be capable of carrying up to 20kilograms, and apart from its human-like appearance, the face of this Tesla Bot will feature a screen display. Musk has also stated that there would be about 40 electromechanical actuators that would be utilized to empower the Tesla Bot. The approximate walking speed of the Tesla Bot would be 8km per hour.

Musk has also promised to release the prototype of this Tesla Bot in the next year.

During the announcement of this Tesla Bot last week, a human employee of Tesla had put on the guise of the expected appearance of the Tesla Bot and performed movements and a small dance to demonstrate the Tesla Bot’s movements in future. Musk had also confirmed that, unlike their previously made robots, with wheels, this humanoid robot or the Tesla Bot will have all the necessary parts and it would be made to behave nicely.

About the aspiration for manufacturing the Tesla Bot, Musk had suggested that the idea was infused mainly because the company was manufacturing the different parts needed to create a humanoid robot. Now, whether Tesla testified to their promise and launches the Tesla Bot in 2022, is something to wait and watch.

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