High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear(GIS)

A Substation is a Switchgear where numbers of equipment get assembled.  This is used for controlling, switching, protection, and for step-up or down the power. There are two types of Switchgear, 1. Air Insulated Switchgear 2. Gas Insulated Switchgear. Initially, people used only Air Insulated Switchgear but nowadays people are using Gas Insulated Switchgear more. In AIS, the insulation process happens through open natural air. The main insulator is natural Air in the AIS process. There are some flaws in the AIS process, that’s why people invented the the GIS process.

Modern-day technology updates The GIS process many times and sets it as the best insulation process. The GIS process is more successful than AIS. In Gas Insulated Switchgear process, SF6 is the gas we use for insulation. This SF6 is a Green House Gas. SF6 has got 2-3 times more insulating the property than Air, which makes this process stronger and more productive. This SF6 is highly Electroactive and it has got 100 times more arc insulating power than Air. SF6 is a non-flammable gas that’s why the risk factor becomes low with Gas Insulated Switchgear process. SF6 makes this GIS process more easier and safer. This gas is a non-toxic, colourless, tasteless, greenhouse gas. It doesn’t get liquid in low temperatures, which is a plus point of this gas. Gas Insulated Switchgear process takes 90% less space than the AIS process.

The AIS process takes lots of space and it’s insulating property is very low in it. Gas Insulated Switchgear was invented by Japan on 1963. To replace the flaws of the AIS process Japanese scientists developed Gas Insulated Switchgear process. There are some key factors that makes Gas Insulated Switchgear process a successful and go to process. Gas Insulated Switchgear process is a very low cost- effective and it’s a compact process. People can use Gas Insulated Switchgear process in a small place but AIS takes lots of space. Gas Insulated Switchgear process can be built-in building but AIS can’t be. SF6 is the gas we use for Gas Insulated Switchgear process, but it’s Greenhouse has. The Gas Insulated Switchgear process is less sensitive for pollution because it’s an in-house process and the Gas doesn’t get released. On the other hand, AIS is more sensitive because it works totally in nature. Initially, the setup cost of GIS is more than The AIS process but later the operation cost and maintenance cost get higher on The AIS process. You can install GIS anywhere you want, but for AIS you have to do lots of procedures. GIS takes small time for installation but AIS takes lots of time.

There are many usages of Gas Insulated Switchgear process but here are two major reasons for which GIS is mostly used- 1. High Voltage Installation 2. Urban Installation. If you want high voltage installation then GIS gives you the best results, being a compact process, urban installation of GIS is really helpful. It consumes less space and it’s an in-house process, which is very helpful for urban areas.

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