Global Special Graphite (Specialty Graphite) Sales Market

Special Graphites or Specialty Graphites are manufactured by mixing pulverized Graphite with a dense black liquid called pitch and then extruding it by forcing it through a die. The final product is the rod or pipe-shaped Specialty Graphite, which are anisotropic.

Specialty Graphite are used in applications that need precision and purity and involve extreme temperatures and corrosive conditions.

Applications: Photovoltaic semiconductors, LCD panels, LED chips, hard discs, lithium ion batteries, Silicon semi-conductor’s semiconductors, compound semiconductors.

Size of the Global Special Graphite (Specialty Graphite) Market

The Global Special Graphite (Specialty Graphite) Market was priced at USD 946.2 million in 2020

Forecast for the Global Special Graphite (Specialty Graphite) Market

The Global Special Graphite (Specialty Graphite) Market is expected to rise to 1434.9 million USD by the end of 2026, registering a CAGR of 6.1% between 2021-2026.

Trends in the Global Special Graphite (Specialty Graphite) Market

  • Region-wise, Asia Pacific ruled the market with a share of 45% and is expected to stay formidable during the forecast period.
  • China has been and is likely to continue leading the Graphite production and demand. This raised demand is for Graphite in China is because of its large and progressing lithium-ion battery, which requires Graphite abundantly.
  • Special Graphite has applications in the steel industry. Thus in economies where the steel market is growing, the Special Graphite market is blossoming along. E.g., South Korea, China, Japan, and the United States.
  • Electronics industry leads as regards the volume of Special Graphite market
  • Foundry and metallurgical industries stand second in terms of consumption.

Drivers of growth for Global Special Graphite (Specialty Graphite) Market

  • Conducive government policies to promote solar energy:

Special Graphite (Specialty Graphite) is a raw material in manufacturing the photovoltaic devices of solar plants. Governments across the globe are implementing policies towards sustainable energy-driven industries. Thus there is a stark rise in demand for Special Graphite.

The high purity, precision, and extreme temperatures make it superior to any other material for Silicon-based photovoltaic devices.

  • Flourishing Market of consumer electronics in the developing economies across the globe:

Electronic devices like LED chips, LCD panels, semiconductors, semiconductors, etc., are made of Graphite. Thus the growing electronic market will be a crucial driver for the spike in demand for Special Graphite.

  • The apparatus to grow crystals need Special Graphite components like a crucible, heaters age crucible. The extreme temperature furnace also consists of temperature-resistant Graphite components.
  • The growing LED industry will also raise the demand for Special Graphite components. These require polysilicon, and Graphite is a material required to produce polysilicon. This will add to the demand for Special Graphite.

The competitive scenario in the special graphite market

Tokai Carbon Co., SGL Group, Fangda Carbon, Nippon Carbon Co. Ltd, Ltd, Mersen SA, Yichang Xincheng Graphite Co. Ltd, New Material Co. Ltd are prominent names in the Global Special Graphite market.

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