Latest tweet by Reuters pronounced that Xiaomi trumps Apple to become world’s number two smartphone makers – canalys.


Xiaomi took the second spot for the first time with 17% proportion of worldwide cell phone shipment up 3% from proceeding zone consistent with research company on July 16th according to canalys. According to the cutting-edge numbers from studies company canalys, the company’s shipment increased by more than 300 % in Latin America and 150% in Africa and 50% in western Europe.

In the second quarter Global smartphone shipment increases by 12% with Samsung Electronics leading the way with a 19% share and apple in the third place with 14% share.

Xiaomi phones are around 40% to 75% cheaper than Samsung and Apple phones according to canalys research manager Ben stanter who added that growing sales of Xiaomi’s high-end devices is a top objective for the company this year.

Xiaomi becomes second largest Smartphone maker as it jumps over Apple.

According to the survey Vivo and Oppo kept up their strong growth Momentum to round out the tower top 5 Smartphone manufacturers in the world. Oppo and vivo each had a 10% share of worldwide shipment in Q2 2021, putting them in 4th and 5th place respectively. It has been said that something had a consistent growth of 15% in year over year shipment while Xiaomi Global shipment increased by startling 83% and Apple shipment increased by marginal one percent. Oppo came in fourth position although its market share is same as Vivo which came in fifth in Q2 Oppo saw 28% increase in sales while he was or 27% increased that’s why Oppo is currently ahead of Vivo.

Will Xiaomi overtake Samsung?

For the past few quarters Xiaomi’s growth pace has been outrageous. It’s not surprising that the company has surpassed apple in the ranking. It will be more difficult to catch up to Samsung although, Xiaomi is not far behind in terms of the market share. Xiaomi may eventually beat Samsung to be the next world’s leading smartphone manufacture as per canalys. Xiaomi should also concentrate on increasing sale of its premium devices like Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra according to the firm.


Xiaomi already taken the second position by beating apple in the market now we have to wait and see what Q3 has in hand. If Xiaomi keep up its current space, then it will eventually overtake even Samsung at some point. We already know that the company was exploding and enlarging its business in Europe but it appears that its rate of expansion in Latin America and Africa is much faster than other countries.

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