Ultrasound Market

Ultrasound Market Report 2022 Market Demand, Market Growth, Market Analysis and Forecast to 2030

Ultrasound Market: Description

Ultrasound is a type of imaging that makes use of high-frequency sound waves to see inside-the-body organs. In addition to imaging, the approach directs medical workers during biopsies, blood flow monitoring, and damage assessment following a heart attack. This industry has experienced steady growth as a result of the rising incidences of orthopaedic and other internal organs-related injuries, the ageing population’s increased prevalence of chronic illnesses, the growing number of hospitals, technological advancements in the development of ultrasound devices, and rising government, public, and private investments in the creation of new ultrasound devices. The development of point-of-care ultrasound devices and huge potential from emerging economies have also accelerated the adoption of ultrasound technology.The development of ultrasonic devices with specialised uses is a persistent trend.

Ultrasound Market :Overview

ultrasound equipment was estimated to be worth $8,475.8 million globally in 2020, and it is anticipated to grow to $12,535.5 million by 2028, a CAGR of 5.3 percent from 2021 to 2028.

One of the many medical imaging modalities available on the market is ultrasound. High frequency sound waves are used by an ultrasound machine to see within the body’s organs. It can be characterised as a gadget that uses high frequency sound waves to take pictures of inside organs. A transducer and an ultrasound probe make up an ultrasound system. This minimally invasive diagnostic method does not employ ionising radiation to identify or treat physical illnesses in the body.

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Technology for Ultrasound Debridement Shows Potential to Decrease Morbidity Rate from Chronic Wounds

Chronic wounds may be treated with ultrasound technology. The market for ultrasound equipment is expanding as a result of significant advancements in wound care, thanks to partnerships between businesses and researchers to develop new ultrasound debridement techniques. As a result, non-contact low-frequency (NCLF) ultrasound has advanced, showing that it has thability to efficiently remove devitalized tissue, reduce pain, and manage bio-burden brought on by chronic wounds.Manufacturers in the ultrasound devices market are expanding the accessibility of ultrasound debridement technology, which is helpful for accelerating the healing process of wounds. Chronic wounds cause significant morbidity and consume large healthcare resources.


Ultrasound Market : Segment Analysis

Global Ultrasound Market: Top Key Players




Boston Scientific



VisualSonics (Fujifilm SonoSite)



Global Ultrasound Market: By Types

2D Ultrasound

3D & 4D Ultrasound

Doppler Ultrasound


Global Ultrasound Market: By Applications




Key Regions & Countries

North America (the United States


and Mexico)






and Italy)

Asia-Pacific (China




and Southeast Asia)

South America (Brazil




and The Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia




and South Africa).


  • What is the driving factor for the growth of the Ultrasound market?
  • How will the COVID-19 pandemic impact the demand and consumption of the market?
  • What is the major application area of the Ultrasound market?
  • Who are the Ultrasound manufacturers across the globe?
  • Which geographical location is dominant in the  market?
  • Which are the top industry players in the  market?

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