The withdrawal of Afghan forces was a blunder. Former US President Barack Obama says it’s “hell for women.”

Following the withdrawal of the US and coalition soldiers from Afghanistan after a two-decade conflict, the Taliban has resurfaced.

The Taliban is terrifying the United States once again as it subjugates its military in Afghanistan. Nearly 80% of Afghanistan’s territory has already been regained, according to reports. Former US President George W. Bush has spoken out against the troop pull-out. The removal of NATO forces, he said, was a grave blunder.

The Taliban, according to Bush, are victimizing civilians by doing so.

Bush made the comments in an interview with Deschas Velle, a German international broadcaster. “Afghan women and girls are enduring untold harm,” he remarked when asked about the American pullout from Afghanistan. It is unquestionably a mistake to place it in the hands of the most ruthless people who would not hesitate to kill it. It had a very emotional impact on me. ‘ Bush believes German Chancellor Angela Merkel shares his viewpoint.

The implications of removing forces will be severe, and this issue needs to be reviewed,’ he said. When Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, visits the United States for the last time, Bush’s mention of her has become a top priority.

“She spoke in support of the US Alliance for Democracy, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Afghanistan.”

“It’s incredible how that civilization was able to emerge from the Taliban’s barbarism. Unfortunately, I am concerned that Afghan women and girls may be subjected to horrible violence” he stated ‘Laura (Bush’s wife), I spend a lot of time with Afghan women… they are terrified,’ she says. Not only do I think of America, but also of those who have aided NATO soldiers.

During George W. Bush’s administration, terrorists struck the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, at the World Trade Center in New York. Following the attack, US and NATO forces were dispatched to Afghanistan to eliminate Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Put an end to a war that has lasted two decades.

Following a peace accord with the Taliban, the US and NATO have resolved to total removal of their forces from Afghanistan by September 11 this year. However, the process was completed ahead of schedule in early July. As US and NATO soldiers withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban insurgency is on the increase once more.

Attempting to take over places that were formerly their bases. Many places have already been taken over by them, as has been discovered. The current outbreak of bloodshed by extremists, notably the Taliban, has prompted the United Nations to voice its alarm. In the 1990s, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and tortured women. They took advantage of the opportunity when they were terrified to leave their houses… and oppose the education of girls.

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