The Trends On The Market Growth Of Nitrogen Purge Equipment

The packaging industry has gained prominence in the modern world. Almost every item we use comes in packing like oils, medicines, food and beverages and many more. These things are transported from the manufacturing unit to end-users through the packaging industry and then transported to various distribution systems. Several techniques are used in the packaging industry, such as shrink wrapping, using crates and pallets, vacuum packaging, preservation packaging, shock mount packaging, using nitrogen, etc. One of the big challenges is not to compromise on quality. Hence the usage of Nitrogen Purge Equipment  has proved to be a boon for the packaging industry

The usage and working of Nitrogen Purge Equipment

The Nitrogen Purge system utilizes inert nitrogen gas for packaging and cleaning the machines and products. The nitrogen gas being dry, non-combustible can be safely used in an ignitable environment. Thus, from the beer brewing industry to the petrochemical industry, nitrogen has been used in a wide range of applications. The use of standard industry technique where any undesirable or hazardous atmosphere is displaced with inert nitrogen, this process is called nitrogen purging.

Based on the product type, the packaging is chosen. Accordingly, there are four kinds of packaging systems:

  • Dilution nitrogen purge systems, wherein nitrogen gas is mixed with the gas that needs to be removed. The mixture goes through an outlet away from the inlet.
  • The Displacement nitrogen purge systems are used with straightforward cross-sections like in pipelines.
  • The pressure-hold-vacuum method is used when there is only one opening for the container.
  • The last one is Pressure-transfer of liquids, which is mostly used when the contents impact the pump used.

Some of the areas where this nitrogen purge equipment is used are, Oil and gas sector, Pharmaceutical and chemicals sector, Mining sector, food and beverages sector and Discrete industries. Nowadays, Nitrogen Purge System equipment has entered into aviation, healthcare and electro-physics sectors also.

The trends and estimated growth rate

It is estimated that, by the year 2027, the Global Nitrogen Purge Systems market may reach $360 million from $285 million in the year 2020, with a growth rate of about 4%. Of these US contributes to around 29% of the market size with $82 million. China is also in the race with America, with about 5% of the CAGR.

The nitrogen purge system is mainly used to get pure products (free from contaminants). There are many advantages of using this technique of passing nitrogen through the products. It enables the products’ longer shelf life by avoiding oxidation (oxygen removed so that nutrients and vitamins are not destroyed), color, the odor of food products are not lost, etc.

Major players in Nitrogen Purge Equipment

Many companies are manufacturing nitrogen purge equipment due to the increasing demand for these machines. Some well-known companies are Praxair technology, IKM Testing from the UK, GTS, Liquid Packaging Solutions (LPS), Expo Technologies, Airgas, and the list.

These companies, situated around the globe, are also working to meet growing demand in various ways to find advanced equipment with reduced cost. Major hotspots of this market are found in oil and gas production sites in countries like UAE, Saudi, ran and Kuwait. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific countries are also markets for Nitrogen Purging Equipment.

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