The Tourism Industry begins afresh with a green shoot

The Tourism Industry begins afresh with a green shoot

Do you remember how the world used to feel two years back when this devastating, deadly pandemic hadn’t yet struck its ghastly fangs into our lives and shut us in our houses?

Today, there might be several conspiracy theories being unraveled in the wake of discovering exactly what unleashed this tragedy into our lives. But no matter how much one ponders over the root of the issue, the damage is done, lives lost, businesses collapsed and economies paralyzed.

And yet, it might unfurl a wee bit of joy in your minds to know the recent news regarding the global tourism industry. So here’s what you need to know:

It’s not a shocker anymore that the travel, tourism and the hotel industry which been bombarded with extreme losses since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic scenario internationally. Work from home began and before we could fathom, we were shut within the four walls of the home, let alone travelling. But now as a lot of global citizens have got vaccinated and international borders have been reopened there has been a green shoot in the domain of the travel and tourism industry.

It is surely amazing to see the travel and tourism industry recuperate from the loss it has been put into. If things go well, it might get over its loss within a considerable amount of time.

Here are some statements reportedly put forth by several stalwarts in the tourism industry in India. Let’s take a look at what they have got to say regarding the beginning of the green shoot in the industry. Shanti Kohli, who happens to be the manager of a travel agency based in Delhi, has said that she has witnessed the urge to travel surging in people this year. Thus she feels that despite the tourism industry hitting ‘rock-bottom last year’, the recovery of the industry is surely ‘underway’ presently.

She has justified her statement by affirming that she has been receiving a minimum of 2 international travel enquiries daily now, which is definitely a sign of progress!

On the other hand, the CEO of Welgrow Travels, namely Radhika Khanijo thinks that it was domestic travel that helped the tourism industry recover at a faster pace post the two subsequent waves of Covid-19. Like Kohli, Khanijo’s statements sound optimistic too as her interpretation of the rising facts and figures regarding the tourism industry state that a 100% recovery of the losses might be done with at most by the second quarter of 2022. However, this unwavering spirit of optimism stands only if there’s no third wave in near future.

The national coordinator of the NIMA ( Network of Indian MICE Agents), Bhagat, who is also the ex-president of the IATA Agents Association of India, stated that the rise in domestic travel was induced by two factors including lockdown impositions, and elevated interest in the tourists.

An executive manager of Sanoli Indian Tours has also commented on this Sri Lanka, Dubai and Thailand are among the top wanted international packages presently. Hence though it is still a debate as to when the tourism industry will recover completely, it is certain that it is moving forward productively.

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