The Basics of AI: Why It Might Be the Future Solution

The global trends in the field of technology are changing the world at a fast pace. The economic impact that has befallen nations because of these technological changes is so humongous that it is indeed catching attention these days.

One of the most important of these developing technologies in the present era is AI or Artificial intelligence.

The introduction of AI in the tech world dates back to the 1950s when it was just a new topic of study. Gone are the days of AI being merely an academic discipline. How do you think google maps provide you exactly the directions that you need, just with one click? Or how do you think search engines and social media apps recommended the data which you were just looking for? Some chat-bots help you navigate a website, or say the text editors or face detectors used in your phones which perform tasks as good as any human. The answer to all of the above and other similar things is Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the process of leading computers, machines or robots to mimic the practical working sense and intelligence typically exhibited by humans so that they can be used to substitute humans in the daily tasks in a less time and with higher accuracy.

The Agents and Types:

Moving on from the basics, artificial intelligence employs agent programs and usually, any AI system comprises an agent and the environment of that agent. These agents are integral to the working of an AI and based on the level of their intelligence they can be classified into Simple reflex, with very limited intelligence, model-based reflex, Utility-based, Goal-based and Learning agents. Given that the understanding of AI can be astonishingly complex, it can be easily categorized into its types for easier comprehension.

Based on the functions provided by the AI, it can be classified into four main types namely reactive, limited memory, theory of mind and self-aware. Out of them, the self-aware one is one of the final stages which still exists in a hypothesis. On the other hand, depending on the technological classification of AIs, they can be subdivided into the following types:

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Artificial Super Intelligence

AI Is the Upcoming Savior

The recent news on this technology shows that while the USA is all set to have Perlmutter or the world’s fastest supercomputer in the AI field, China might be the global leader in this sector soon. Artificial intelligence is no doubt a challenging technological solution that needs to be worked on further. But a considerable projection of the generic thoughts on the future affirms AI to be the most important driving force. For instance, self-driven cars are expected to appear within a few years. The downside of this technology is that it is simply automating human jobs and it thus has the potential to threaten millions of livelihoods in the coming days. But, rest assured AI is the technology that is surely emerging as a hero to save the world from all kinds of problems.

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