Orthobiologics Market

Orthobiologics Market is Expected to Witness Market Growth at a Rate of 5.9% in the Forecast Period of 2021 to 2028.

The major factors driving the growth of the orthobiologics market are increased incidences of sports injury, road accidents, and osteoarthritis, and increasing adoption of minimally invasive surgeries. Orthobiologics are also called regenerative cellular therapies. Products related to orthobiologics contain growth factors or sometimes secrete growth factors to facilitate tissue healing, improve pain, and help restore the normal functioning. There are various types of orthobiologics present in the market, which rely on different mechanism of actions. An autologous is derived from patients own body, which under right conditions divide to form precursor cells. Orthobiologics find their application for the treatment of conditions such as fracture recovery, spinal fusion, and others. These are also available as hip, knee, ankle, spine wrist and other body parts. Orthobiologics mainly help in faster healing of injuries.

Orthobiologics refers to the process of treatment of musculoskeletal complications with biological or natural substances found in the body, such as tendon, ligament,  and muscle injuries, as well as chronic health conditions like osteoarthritis. Treatment with orthobiologic substances has the potential to decrease the requirement for pain killers, enhance recovery, and accelerate healing, making it a viable alternative to surgery. These benefits are likely to bolster growth of the global orthobiologics market in the near future.

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 Global Orthobiologics Market: Top Key Players

Globus Medical Inc.

Medline Industries, Inc.

Exactech Inc.

Wright Medical Group

DePuy Synthes

Nuvasive Inc.

Biomet Inc.


Stryker Corporation


Medtronic PLC.


Wright Medical Technology Inc.

Global Orthobiologics Market: By Types

Bone Allograft

Stem Cell Therapy

Bone Graft Substitutes

Bone Growth Factors & Spinal Stimulation


Global Orthobiologics Market: By Applications


Orthopedic Clinics

Other End Users

 Global Orthobiologics Market: By Countries

United States,Canada,Germany,UK,France,Italy,Spain,Russia,China,Japan, South Korea,Australia,Thailand,Brazil,Argentina,Chile,South Africa,Egypt, UAE,Saudi Arabia

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  • What is the driving factor for the growth of the Orthobiologics market?
  • How will the COVID-19 pandemic impact the demand and consumption of this market?
  • What is the major application area of this market?
  • Who are the Orthobiologics manufacturers across the globe?
  • Which geographical location is dominant in the Orthobiologics market?

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