Laser Marking Machine Market

Laser Marking Machine Market 2022 Leading Competitors, Regional Trends and Growth Trends 2030

The global laser marking machine market remains a promising horizon for growth as product advancement, cost-efficiency, and growing demand for packaging for the e-commerce sector remains a major promise. The laser marking systems are ideal for a wide variety of applications including bar codes, logos, and matrix codes. These bar codes are essential for the e-commerce inventory management, and traditional retail chains as key need of the logistics operation. Moreover, product advancement in the laser marking machine market also promise to open up new niche applications such as day and night marking for dashboards, and signage. Moreover, such niche applications are essential across sectors like electronics (to mark plugs), medical (to mark implants), and aerospace (cockpit marking). The rising demand for traditional inventory management in e-commerce, the growing demand for niche applications in new sectors, thanks to product advancements will remain key opportunities for growth in the Laser Marking Machine Market.

E-commerce Promises Robust Expansion Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic to Drive Growth

The laser marking is a common practice among many industries, thanks to labelling practices which inform consumers, or suppliers about different products. The growing demand for e-commerce packaging, thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, and growing expansion of the e-commerce market remains a major promise for growth in the global laser marking machine market. The rising cases of counterfeit products, and need for advanced laser marking technologies for logos, trademarks, and IDs for employees also remains a key driver of growth in the global laser marking machine market. Laser marking remains a highly accurate procedure, with a high-degree of automation enabling high processing speeds. This along with expansion of laser printing technology usage with a wide degree of materials including ceramic, copper, titanium, wood, cardboard, and paper remains a robust factor for growth in applications like e-commerce packaging, among others. Forces like e-pharmacy, and growing sophistication in laws for sectors like healthcare, and pharmaceutical will remain key drivers to growth in the global laser marking machine market.

Growing Demand for IoT Devices Will Remain a Major Frontier for Growth

The newly arising demand for IoT devices, and electronics remains a major promise for growth I the market. On one hand, these IoT devices will likely make way into households, cars, city infrastructure, among others to create new opportunities for players in the laser marking machine market. Moreover, these devices will require higher level of markings like engravings, which are deeper, and more reliable for product manufacturers. These will also require logos to differentiate them from competitors, increasing possibly of improved margins. These engravings are essential for a wide variety of purposes including inventory control, traceability, product quality checks, and production flow control, among others. Furthermore, technological advancements like fibre laser machine are ideal to withstand high-heat, and chemicals. The rising demand from industries like defence, and electronics for IoT remains a major promise for growth for the global market.


the major players included in the report:

Han’s Laser

Telesis Technologies



TYKMA Electrox





Epilog Laser




SIC Marking

Amada Miyachi


Universal Laser Systems


Huagong Tech

Tianhong laser


Segment by Type:

Fiber Type

CO2 Lasers Type

Solid State Lasers Type



Segment by Application:


Precision Instruments

Food & Medicine

Auto parts

Hardware Products

Plastic Packaging



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Production by Region







Southeast Asia

South America



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7 Global Laser Marking Machine Market Assessment by Regions (2014-2020)

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9 Upstream Source, Technology and Cost

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12 Market Forecast 2021-2026

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