Google Releases the New Google Meet App Just When Zoom Popped Theirs

Video calling has made virtual meetings more popular and have gained much need and importance than anytime not only for official purposes but also for personal, social and educational purposes ever since pandemic has hit the world. As we all know, these web apps have replaced offline schooling which is considered as a boon in educations system and for the people staying in far off places from family and friends. Google meet has tried to make a head way into virtual meetings as well as new app in the market.

 How It’s Better Than the Rest

With increase in demand and need from customers these web apps also called Progressive Web Application have introduced many new features and updates to the existing apps. Recently, many apps like Zoom and Google meet have introduced many user-friendly features. These PWAs have the functions like any other apps.

The Google meet has more than about 50 million users across the world, more than 900% increase from the previous few years, resources reported. The Google meet which runs on any device with Google Chrome browser version 73 and up with any operating system (windows, Mac, Linux, or chrome etc.). It is available from Google Play store. Google is also showing pop-ups to install this app in the Google Meet opening page. All Google workspace customers, G suite basic and Business customers and users who have personal Google accounts can use this standalone app.

Why People May Find It Easier to Use

With no need to type the link or the URL or logging into Gmail account to start the meeting on Google Meet, one can directly start the meeting after downloading the app on their device (Computer, laptop, MacBook etc.) just like any other downloaded apps. So, one can initiate the meetings as in a smart phone and hence eliminates the need to switch between the tabs so that workflow is streamlined.

Many interfaces improvement features like, refreshed user interface, powered by AI and many tools that make meetings more engaging and enjoyable. One of the highlights like data saver mode limits the data usage on mobile and other data-constrained networks and auto zoom in and positioning participants in front of the cameras using AI and so the users are ensured that they remain in the square frame. This AI technology also allows under exposed users’ visibility enhanced and hence quality of the video call is improved with low-light mode provided. Google meet has learned efficiently to tap into this technicality with ease.

Showcased as User-Friendly Option to Other Apps

Beyond all the above, the users can also replace their background with their choice of backdrop according to the call they are taking, like image of a classroom, party, forest, devotional or any scenery- with more in store. A lot of people now are getting aware how the new features in Google meet can be useful for them. Many more features like, adjusting the self-image in the meetings, resizing the video feed or disabling or hiding the self-image or video (tile view) across the calls are introduced.

Adding captions and live streaming the events, record options for the licensed students, depending upon the user account type there are several options for the users on Google Meet to join different types of meeting and to allow hosts to let in different users (new admin settings).

Hand raise options on desktop and laptops, provision of captions in different languages, break out rooms, new layout etc. are some other features added very recently to Google meet. Navigation bars at the bottom are provided with dial codes, attachments, participants list, chat and other activities and new position for “leave” button to avoid accidental line cut during the call.

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