Functional Acids Market

Functional Acids Market Share, Size, Analysis, Growth, Industry Statistics and Forecast 2030

The global functional acids market is anticipated to amplify with a CAGR of 6.23% over the forecast duration of 2022-2030.

Amino acids are necessary substances that are necessary for the production of proteins and are in charge of ensuring that the human body operates correctly. They support improving metabolism, preventing muscle damage, and lowering the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

Due to these qualities, they are widely used in medicinal and nutritional applications in the healthcare sector.

Commercially, amino acids are produced via fermentation, extraction, and chemical synthesis from a variety of plants and animals, including soybean, corn, wheat, blood, skin, and hair. Globally, research and development efforts are being made to increase the yield and quality of extracted amino acids.

In 2021, the market for amino acids was dominated by the application category for food and nutritional supplements.

Food amino acids have expanded significantly as a result of their application in boosting the flavour and nutritional content of food products.

Due to increasing product inclusion in animal feed conversion, it is projected that the animal feed application segment would experience the quickest growth in the upcoming years.

Due to factors like strong demand from the local food and beverage industry, rising consumer concern for their health, and a growing preference for functional foods, the Asia Pacific region dominated the market in 2021. Due to the substantial expansion of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries in the region, it is projected that the market for amino acids in Europe would experience significant growth in the years to come.

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Growth Agents

The market’s growth is attributed to a number of variables, including growing consumer awareness, shifting regulations in the food and beverage industry, and growing demand in brand-name products. Expanding health concerns and emerging medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, and digestive issues are the key factors predicted to support corporate growth in the near future. The food and beverage industries are very interested in practical ingredients as a result of new hypotheses and the presentation of inventive things by notable creators.

Customers’ awareness of their health is growing quickly across a number of locations, which has increased consumer demand for dietary food options and beverages. Additionally, consumers are gravitating toward healthful, bolstered comfort food items and beverages. The interest is being sparked by rising salary levels and an increase of urban area residents.

In addition, millennials are becoming more cognizant of the importance of including healthy foods in their diets. Buyers from over the world are weighing the executives with the benefits of useful substances. They exhibit a fair water solvency, a high actual satisfaction, and a low consistency, making them a popular choice for use as a covering material in medication applications.

Global Functional Acids Market – Key trends

Booming nutraceutical sector to aid market expansion

The nutraceutical sector is witnessing a rapid evolution. This is powered by the rising health cognizance of the masses. Moreover, with hectic lifestyle, it is getting difficult for individuals to invest time in preparing healthy meals. Hence, they have begun to rely on dietary supplements for their health needs. This in turn is stimulating the overall industry dynamics.

Global Functional Acids Market- Segmental assessment
By Source
• Animal
• Plant
• Microbial

By Type
• Amino Acids
• Fatty Acids
• Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids
• Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids
• Saturated Fatty Acids
• Others

By Therapeutic Area
• Anti-Hypertensive
• Cardiovascular System
• Nervous System
• Gastrointestinal System
• Immune System
• Cholesterol-Lowering
• Anti-Diabetic Peptides
• Multifunctional Peptides

By Application
• Sports Nutrition
• Weight Management
• Digestive Health
• Clinical Nutrition
• Other

By End Users
• Food & Beverage Industry
• Pharmaceuticals
• Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals
• Cosmetics & Personal Care Products
• Others

The dietary supplements and nutraceutical segment is slated to generate significant returns over the estimated timeline owing to the growing health consciousness of the masses.

Global Functional Acids Market- Competitive hierarchy
The prominent players characterizing the competitive terrain of this marketplace are Merck KGaA, Seagarden AS, WN Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Arlak Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Ashland Inc., ALEXIS Corporation, American Peptide Company Inc., Promega Corporation, Advanced Bioconcept Company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Novo Nordisk A/S, Alltech Inc. Bioprocess Algae LLC., Cellana LLC, and Others.

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