Florida Nurse sentenced for threatening VP Kamala Harris

Florida Nurse Sentenced For Threatening VP Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is the present vice president of Unites States of America and the first woman of color holding such a prominent post in American History. It is sure to grab eyeballs and rub certain sections in the wrong way; being African-Indian origin didn’t make it easy and to top it, a woman is still causing heartburn. Some Trump supporters haven’t taken it to their liking that Kamala Harris was taking up the presential race and then finally conceding, now in the VP job.

What the nurse planned to do

In the past, Kamala Harris has faced many death threats. The latest one was a more alarming one wherein a nurse from Florida named Niviance Petit Phelps made videos wherein she used cuss words and accepted a $53,000 payment to carry out a hit on Kamala Harris. The attempt of assassination would be carried by 39 years old within 50 days.

These 30-second video clips have been circulating have been intercepted when she sent them to her husband in prison. Wherein the nurse who worked in Jackson Health System from 2001 is seen threatening the 56-year-old VP. The department of justice has got hold of this video and issued a statement. The nurse has been caught and admitted to having to pose a threat to Kamala Harris. She has gotten sentenced to five years in prison. The federal judge found her to be guilty of six counts of an indictment.

What the investigation says

The video shows that the nurse is screaming and spewing out hate about vice president Kamala Harris while recording herself or even getting her children to do it for her. There is also a picture posted of the nurse holding a firearm with a target sheet seeming at a gun range. An investigation has shown that Phelps had applied for a concealed weapon permit as per reports. She even said if the law enforcement officers hadn’t reached her house, then she might have gone ahead with her plan.

Phelps, an African-American herself, didn’t’ believe that Vice president Kamala Harris was actually black. Her attorneys claimed that her frustrations about her husband had driven her to cause such mayhem. Their statement didn’t cause any leniency from the federal judge, who has called for a five-year sentence beginning from November 19. She also claimed that during the swearing-in, Kamala didn’t hold the Bible but her purse, a claim that has been proven false.

The alleged threat to kill Kamala Harris was taken seriously by the US Secret Service and an in-depth investigation revealed the plot of the nurse Phelps as per media reports. Since she made the threats knowingly and willfully to kill and cause bodily harm, a criminal complaint has been put forth in the US District Court in the state of Florida.

Most of the videos sent to her husband showed her hatred towards Vice president Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden. But the videos showed statements in which she threatened to kill the VP—the five videos show political anger motivated towards such threats.

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