Disaster in the form of Tropical storm Nicholas

Disaster in the form of Tropical storm Nicholas

Months of lockdown has shown us how helpless humans can be in the face of adversity even in the 21st century, and when we were all compulsorily shut off within the four walls of our homes, nature blossomed with exuberance, in all of its ravishing glory. Now as we anticipate the return of normal times, we also continue to notice certain threats imposed by natural forces. One such threat has been recently posed by the onset of the tropical cyclone Nicholas across the coastal regions of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi along with the surrounding areas.

Here is what you need to know about this alarming tropical cyclone Nicholas.

This tropical cyclone named Nicholas has been upgraded to the “Category 1” hurricane last night based on the observations made on the intensity of its movement by meteorologists who were in charge of this. A wind speed of 76 miles per hour and then a gust of 95 miles per hour, was recorded by a Weather Flow sensor at the Matagorda Bay of Texas. Further, a hurricane report of Nicholas was also issued last night across the areas ranging from Port O’ Connor to Freeport in Texas including regions that apprehended the strike of Nicholas. This tropical storm Nicholas has been said to have had its landfall on the Texas coast overnight.

One of the most important facts is that Nicholas is the sixth tropical hurricane of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season.

Needless to mention that climate change, though not given considerable thought by many, is certainly making its presence felt. Delving deeper into the forecast impacts of the Tropical storm Nicholas would further assert the same thing.

So far one of the major potential threats posed by this hurricane Nicholas would be rainfall flooding in the impacted areas.

Areas, where heavier rain could be inflicted, include mainly coastal and eastern Texas, followed by Louisiana and Mississippi. The rainfall is expected to continue up to the mid of this week. According to a report by the NOAA ( National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the tropical storm Nicholas can produce 6-12 inches and a maximum of 18 inches of rain in certain coastal areas across upper Texas. The same report also predicts that Nicholas might cause 4-8inches or a maximum of 10 inches of rain in the rest of the Texas and southern central regions of Louisiana and Mississippi.

High-water vehicles have been positioned, schools have been cancelled and such other measures have been taken to prepare for possible flooding due to Nicholas.

Tropical storms or cyclones and hurricanes like these are caused by centres of low pressure originating over the tropical oceans which are usually warm. Due to the phenomenon of global warming and consequent climate changes, these hurricanes are being produced more frequently thereby devastating lives in many ways. Hurricane Nicholas is also expected to shed heavy rainfall and inflict its wrath on some areas which have barely recovered from the destruction caused by Hurricane Ida previously. Thus, it’s high time to take climate change seriously to protect people from such life-threatening storms.

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