Covishield & The World!

There are a total of four vaccines approved in India named Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik V and Moderna. Most of the people in India are vaccinated by Covishield that is manufactured by Serum Institute, Pune. The key factor about Covishield is, this vaccine was made in collaboration with Oxford University and overseas people call it the AstraZeneca vaccine. Covishield is based on a viral vector platform in which a chimp adenovirus known as ChAdOx1 has been modified to carry the coronavirus spike protein in human cells. As far as the doses regimen are concerned this vaccine follows two days vaccination given 3-4 months apart right now with an effective 70% as per the recent research.

The Oxford Covid vaccine has been approved by the WHO for global distribution, allowing the Serum Institute of India to expand its services for the welfare, to begin the supply of the Oxford vaccine by WHO backed ‘ COVAX Initiative’. WHO assessed the qualities, safety, efficacy data, risk management plan and also suitability such as cold chain requirements.

Everybody wants things to get back to normal as soon as possible. An international trip in the future may be determined by which vaccine you have taken. According to a new report, the European Union has unveiled a Green Pass and that pass is like the passport for Europe, where you must have to fulfil any three conditions listed below.

  • Fully vaccinated
  • Negative test result
  • Immunity from reactant infection

If you have one of the above, you can travel anywhere in Europe. But from here, the complications start, the green pass is only for the vaccine approved by EMA (European Medicines Agency) and that leaves with four vaccines AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. I understand your confusion, but the serum Institute-based AstraZeneca received approval, not the serum Institute-based AstraZeneca. Covishield, an Indian-based vaccine never sought approval from European countries because they were never their target market. Half the vaccines were reserved for India & the rest to be distributed in low-income countries under the WHO initiative. This is the same European Union that blocked vaccine patent waiver, they said ‘ waivers don’t work instead of going for voluntary & compulsory licenses’ that’s exactly what the serum institute did but, their vaccine is not good enough for a green pass as per the European Union.

Everyone in the world right now is checking out our country as a market because we are 1.3 billion. Slowly and steadily, as things return to normal, all countries will undoubtedly accept the Indian vaccination certificate. Recently Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland and Spain have already approved Covishield any of the other countries of different continents are approving because their main source of income is tourism only. With 18 million Indians living outside their homeland in 2020, India will have the largest diaspora population in the world. We are providing business to the world, so most probable in the coming days we will be able to travel with the help of Indian made vaccination certificates.

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