Corporate Wellness Market

Corporate Wellness Market by Top Key Players, Types, Applications, Countries & Forecast to 2018-2030

Corporate wellness market is anticipated to reach a valuation of USD 105.91 billion by 2030 amplifying at a CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period of 2022-2030.

Corporate Wellness programmes address specific policies and interferences that address a variety of risk factors and health conditions, as well as plan strategies that may influence multiple organisational levels, such as individual employee behaviour change, organisational culture, and worksite environment. Workplace wellness programmes are an important aspect of any firm that uses a variety of tactics and treatments to improve the health of its employees. Employees are motivated to live a healthy lifestyle, which helps businesses increase productivity and save healthcare expenses by enhancing employee well-being. Employees who are in good health can save money on health care and have fewer sick days, resulting in higher productivity. However, the high cost of outsourcing such programmes or services is expected to stifle industry expansion.

The rising prevalence of chronic lifestyle diseases caused by sedentary lifestyles, bad dietary patterns, excessive stress levels, and overexposure to digital displays is driving the global corporate wellness industry. Furthermore, increased organisational awareness about employee health and wellness around the world is propelling the market forward. They’re using virtual ways to connect employees with psychologists and health coaches for treatment of mental and stress-related issues brought on by isolation in the workplace. In addition, favourable government regulations and the introduction of comprehensive insurance plans encouraging the use of telemedicine to improve public health are driving market growth. Other variables include rising public health awareness and considerable advances in healthcare infrastructure, particularly in the United States.


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Corporate Wellness Market- Key segments

Key Players:-

  • Wellness Corporate Solutions
  • ComPsych Corporation
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Provant Health Solutions
  • Beacon Health Options
  • Cerner Corporation
  • LifeWorks, Inc.
  • Anthem, Inc.
  • Workplace Options
  • Centene Corporation
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Virgin Pulse
  • Marino Wellness
  • EXOS
  • Vitality Group
  • Privia Health
  • Central Corporate Wellness
  • Wellsource, Inc.
  • SOL Wellness
  • Truworth Wellness
  • Well Nation
  • Fitbit, Inc.
  • Corporate Fitness Works

By service

  • Fitness Services
  • Biometric Screening
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Alcohol/Substance Abuse Services
  • Health Screening
  • Mental/Behavioral Health Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Virtual Consultation/Virtual Care
  • Stress Management
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Health Benefit Programs
  • Others


By Category

  • Psychological Therapists
  • Organization/Employee
  • Fitness & Nutrition Consultants


By Delivery Model

  • Onsite
  • Offsite


By End-User

  • Private Sector
  • Public Sector
  • Others


By Organization Size

  • Small Organization
  • Large Organization
  • Medium Organization

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and Market Overview
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Trends, Outlook, and Factors Analysis
  4. Estimates & Historic Trend Analysis (2018 to 2021)
  5. Estimates & Forecast Trend Analysis, by Deployment
  6. Estimates & Forecast Trend Analysis, by Component
  7. Estimates & Forecast Trend Analysis, by Content Type
  8. Estimates & Forecast Trend Analysis, by End Use
  9. Analysis and Forecast, by Region
  10. North America Corporate Wellness Market: Estimates & Forecast Trend Analysis
  11. Europe Corporate Wellness Market: Estimates & Forecast Trend Analysis
  12. Asia Pacific Corporate Wellness Market: Estimates & Forecast Trend Analysis
  13. Middle East & Africa Corporate Wellness Market: Estimates & Forecast Trend Analysis
  14. Latin America Corporate Wellness Market: Estimates & Forecast Trend Analysis
  15. Competitive Landscape
  16. Company Profiles
  17. Assumptions and Research Methodology
  18. Conclusions and Recommendations


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