Conductive Silicone Market

What is conductive Silicone?

Conductive Silicone is an additive that allows electric current to flow through Silicone. Natural Silicone is an electrical insulator; however, it is converted into a good conductor of electricity with processing. As a result, it is useful in a wide range of applications in automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, personal care and household products and medical devices.

Companies across the globe are investing in the research and development of Conductive Silicone-based applications and coming up with technically advanced products.

Applications of Conductive Silicone

  • Conductive Silicone is used as a Thermal Interface Material. Examples: Thermal grease, thermal rubber pads, gap-fillers, thermally conductive hardware.
  • Adhesive and sealants
  • Encapsulates
  • Conformal coating
  • Electronic circuits
  • Medical devices

Market size of Conductive Silicone?

The Conductive Silicone market was sized at $3177.9 million in 2020 and is expected to grow manifold in the future.


The market for conductive Silicone is expected to reach $ 5.78 billion by 2025. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is predicted to be 7.8% until 2025.

Market trends driving demand of Conductive Silicone

The conductive Silicone is a very suitable material in many applications because of its flexibility, biocompatibility, high chemical resistance, stability over a wide range of temperatures.

  • The energy and power sectors that consume about 788,000 tons of Silicone products (e.g. Silicone elastomer) annually will drive huge demand. Silicone is required for both renewable energy sources like solar and wind turbines and traditional sources like oil, gas and thermal electricity.
  • 90% of solar cells (photovoltaic) are made of Silicone. They are used for bonding and as thin semiconductors in solar panels.
  • The basic testing devices used in the health care industry use silicone-based carbon nanotubes because of their robustness, purity and small size. The nanotubes are highly biocompatible because of their purity grade. These devices will be contributors to the demand for Conductive Silicone.
  • Silicone sealants and adhesives are also used in electronic devices. The circuits, connectors, coils, tubes, transistors are manufactured using Silicone sealants and adhesives because of their durability and weather resistance. The consumer electronic segment is growing fast will thus increase demand.
  • Huge demand for sustainable energy: The sustainable energy sources have grown tremendously. Both solar energy and wind turbines use Conductive Silicone because of its flexibility, temperature, and water resistance. In addition, Silicone can withstand fluctuating temperatures and humidity, which are a problem in natural power sources like the sun and wind.

An overlook of Conductive Silicone market globally

  • The Asia Pacific region, India, China, South Korea and Japan, are the largest and fastest-growing markets for conductive Silicone because of their growing energy, power and health care sectors.
  • These countries have a huge population and a middle-class economy. Hence the demand for personal care, medical devices, consumer electronics, and energy/power is high. All these industries use Conductive Silicone as a raw material in manufacturing.


  • The tightening of environmental regulations in China has led to the closing of key facilities of Conductive Silicone, leading to a supply shortage.
  • The Covid pandemic has affected many industries worldwide, and hence the demand has been affected.

Major players in the Conductive Silicone market

Dow Corning Corporation, Bluestar Silicones, Henkel AG and Co. Wacker Chemie AG, Western Rubber and Supply Inc.

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