Cannons Mirrorless Camera EOS R6

The new Canon EOS R6 is one of the best out now with a pricing of 2.1 lakh in India. Talking about the physical overview we have got the top-down dial. This is going to give you manual your aperture priority, Sutter priority and all these things. You can physically click that over to your customer modes, video modes or auto mode. You don’t have the screen up top, but you do have the in-body image stabilization 5- AXIS IBIS. Moving to the LCD, it’s 3 inches with two SD card slots. Talking about photo specializations, this is a 20-megapixel sensor and having a 12 FPS mechanical shutter and it’s also doing that super-fast 20 FPS electronic shutter. Resolution R6 what’s under the hood, 4K 60 FPS, 30 FPS, 24 FPS leave it your full HD 60, full HD 30, full HD 24 but not having 4K 120, you’re going to be back to 1080p 120 FPS still a great option. 60p still looks incredible it’s still great you’re doing it in 4K.

A useful mix of high resolution features especially just being you can shoot 4K 24 FPS without a crop with autofocus and log mode. If you like the EOS R you are going to love this camera because this is one of the EOS R upgraded versions. You are not going to experience any shooting and weighting because this particular model is great and can also be used. A perfect backup camera if you are travelling somewhere and shooting something or you are being paid to use this tool.

Something great about the battery is you are getting 16 watt-hours of capacity. Image quality is great it takes amazing photos at 20 megapixels which is just enough for what you need. Several RF lenses show awesome results 51.2 and 851.2 all these lenses are phenomenal on the R6. We have a relatively small camera body with the R6 and the few lenses are massive you will find out that 50 millimeters balanced pretty nicely on this camera. In terms of lower light performance, the R6 is something that’s been talked about a lot because it has a lower megapixel sensor so theoretically it should be very strong in low light that has been the case 100%. The people who used this camera are super happy about this camera performance at high ISO when they were shooting weddings late at night and cracked the ISO the camera just makes an incredible image even at really high ISO.

It is an expensive camera but it is an awesome camera if you are someone who is an enthusiast photographer and can afford it. If you are a pro and need an additional camera body or if you are great and just starting out and you are investing in your first professional camera. In all these instances the R6 would be really great camera to pick up. You are getting a lot for your money despite the camera being a little bit pricey.

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