‘Ashraf Ghani is a total crook, never had full confidence in him’ says Donald Trump

‘Ashraf Ghani Is a Total Crook, Never Had Full Confidence in Him’ Says Donald Trump

‘Ashraf Ghani is a complete dishonest or unscrupulous person; I have never had full faith in him.’ according to Donald Trump Former US President. Donald Trump has described former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as a complete criminal who gets away with murder. Ashraf Ghani who fled away from Afghanistan on August 15 after the Taliban took over the capital city of Kabul has been facing global criticism for abandoning the people of his country. In an interview on Tuesday night, Donald Trump stated that he has never had complete faith in Ashraf Ghani. He said openly and plainly that Ashraf Ghani was a total crook. He spent all this time whining and dining with our senators. Trump added the senators were all in Ashraf Ghani’s pockets. The Republican leader accused the group of getting away with murder in a variety of ways, although he did not specify which ones. Trump reinforced the previous claims against Ashraf Ghani, saying he believes the former Afghan president left Kabul with cash on Sunday. Accusations that he fled Kabul with suitcases full of cash were also refuted by the former president as baseless. He has been accused of departing Kabul with four cars and a chopper full of cash, as well as taking $169 million from the government chopper.

Meanwhile, Ashraf Ghani, who is now in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with his family on “humanitarian reasons” has stated that he is in talks to return to Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani said he was compelled to leave Afghanistan “with one pair of traditional clothes, a vest, and the sandals” in a video statement released on Wednesday, adding that he also departed the country to avert violence. The former president also called the charges that he fled Kabul with suitcases full of cash “baseless.” In the video statement, he stated, “Do not believe anyone tells you that your president sold you out and departed for his own benefit and to save his own life.”

According to The New York Times, Saad Mohseni, the owner of one of Afghanistan’s most famous television stations, Ashraf Ghani would be regarded as a traitor by his compatriots. “[Ashraf Ghani] will be remembered as Afghanistan’s Benedict Arnold”, Mohseni said. “People will spit on his tomb for another 100 years.”
Columbia University in New York City awarded Ashraf Ghani his doctorate. Afterwards, he worked for the World Bank before returning to Kabul as a UN senior special adviser. He served as Afghanistan’s finance minister from 2002 to 2004 and was best known for combatting government corruption. Fixing Failed States: A Framework for Rebuilding a Fractured World, which he published in 2008, is another piece of his works. According to George Packer of NPR, despite Ashraf Ghani’s aim for modernising Afghanistan, he was notorious for having a short temper and distancing himself from crucial partners throughout the country who he needed to govern. In 2016, Packer wrote a feature on Ashraf Ghani for The New Yorker Magazine.

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