Alexa! You are the Future…

There is hardly anybody who has not heard of Alexa. After the great success of the first virtual assistant Siri, used on most Apple Devices, Amazon brought Alexa in the Market and has not really tagged any device to it, unlike Siri, which comes with an Apple Device only. Primarily, this strategy has given Alexa vast acceptance all over the world.

Amazon said that 90,000 developers are assisting the growth of Alexa towards the more natural and effective ambient computer. They have built over 1,30,000 Alexa skills and hundreds of built-in products. Debra says, when they invented Alexa seven years ago, it was a new technology. Still, today it has been accepted as an important and integral part of the Alexa users’ lives. By enabling Alexa in all possible devices, inside the house or in the car, or the phones, on-demand computing will see a new future soon. There was a promise to make Alexa more proactive, personal, and predictable that was vividly justified in the whole conversation. Having said all these, they assured that a key integrity part is not being intrusive and that it is being taken care of.

Alexa Driving Cars:

Earlier this year, Alexa has been empowered with the new command set to start the car’s engine, stop it, and lock or unlock the car. This technology is not limited because Alexa can now give commands to devices like a printer, washing machine, replenish air filters in air conditioners, Robot vacuum cleaner, smoke, carbon monoxide, and water leaking monitors connected to Alexa.

Alexa has started partnerships with companies like Samsung to connect the smart devices to find them while lost. Alexa finds them by ringing them.

As of now, The Echo users are the highest number of Alexa’s users. Customers are spending billions of hours listening to music, radio and podcasts and interacting with Alexa. As the customer teaches Alexa the possible settings in the smart light (brightness, color temperature etc.), it extracts the required information from the voice command given and uses it next time when the customer gives a similar command to Alexa.

Shopping with Alexa:

We all know by now that Alexa helps customers to buy products online. The new updates have enabled Alexa to be a smarter assistant in shopping.

Alexa Everywhere:

It also reminds them to take medication and help them while needing the Alexa Help Skill Program details. The new APL (Alexa Presentation Language) has included catalog search and refinement, song requests, order tracking, scheduling, buying items from Amazon etc. These are not only the words of praise but facts. The number of customers engaging with different skills of Alexa, including music, games, videos etc., is growing at 40% year over year. Right now, Alexa can be attached to devices like Smart TVs, Speakers, wearables, hearables, PCs, cars, phones, appliances and many more. Alexa will soon be introduced in 25 new countries worldwide, and multiple languages like Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese are soon to be supported.

By using voice commands, Alexa is continuously enhancing the quality of living, thus increasing the productivity of the customer.

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