Afghanistan- The Graveyard of Empire

The war on terror is coming to an end, but not by defeating the enemy, by withdrawing from the battlefield. USA- the country that started this war is abandoning its bases in the dead of night of its existing war by putting the owns on Afghanistan’s neighbors to clear its mess. America has spent around $2 trillion on the Afghan war. The US Army has been stationed in Afghanistan for the past 20 years. Now since the army is living Afghan, Taliban is gaining a strong foothold over the country. By now the situation has deteriorated so much that less than 50% of the area in a cornerstone is actually under the control of Afghan government. It may happen very soon that the government is overthrown by the Taliban. Recently we lost one of our true journalist, an award meaning Indian photojournalist Danish Siddique who was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Do you know why Afghanistan is known as the graveyard of empires? Because many superpower countries entered Afghanistan but returned after humiliating themselves. The Britishers came in the 19th century and were defeated. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in the twentieth century and left with a lot of embarrassment after 9 years. The United States of America invaded Afghanistan in the twenty-first century and is now retreating in shame. It is not that Afghanistan has never been conquered before, if you look back at the history you will find several instances of this macedonian ruler Alexander, the Arabs, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb and Raja Ranjit Singh. However, it is believed that Afghan warriors make it extremely difficult for any foreign ruler to maintain control of Afghanistan’s territory.

This is a new generation of terrorists and today’s Taliban has more than 85 thousand full time fighters. Pakistan and China may see an opportunity in the rise but for India this is serious. First of all there is a risk to India’s financial interests and investments. India has invested more than $ 3 billion in Afghanistan for facilitating more than 400 projects in all 34 provinces. This includes dams, schools, hospitals and some of these installations are already being captured. India had 4 consulates in Afghanistan in March the one in Jalalabad was temporarily shut, in April the consulate in Hairat was shut and in the second week of July India evacuated staff from kandahar and right now only one is active.

The most important chapter is Kashmir, the Taliban has always acted as a force multiplier for Pakistan on Kashmir and this love affair has now reignited extremists in Pakistan. We have reports that Pak Terror groups are joining forces with the Taliban. Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaise-e Mohammed, Tehreek-e-Taliban, Lashkar-e- jhangvi, are being hired as advisors and commanders. What’s common between all these terror groups is that they all want Kashmir. Internationalising Kashmir, something they will try to do with the Taliban. They are now being seen and treated as a legitimate stakeholder in Afghanistan. Afghan today is the result of a series of blunders and deceits unfortunately for India this is the card which has been debt.

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